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Ideas for a JazzFest Wedding

So you’ve decided to get married during the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival? Here are some great ideas to make your wedding weekend amazing!!

First of all, although you cannot get married on any of the stages at the Fairgrounds, you can definitely have your nuptials out in the crowd. The giant flagpole is always a good option since it was a point of reference for many people to meet up in the days before cell phones. If you think you don’t want 1,000s of people watching then it’s not the ideal choice, but if music is your life then you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals.

A few things to keep in mind.

Jazzfest is held the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May. What this means in our sub-tropical environment is that it’s HOT! Forgo the traditional wedding gear and think along the lines of a beach wedding. Wearing cool cotton, shorts, flip flops, and flowy materials are the best option.

It’s dusty and can possibly be muddy if it rains leading up to your big day. The Fairgrounds spends the rest of the year as a horse track and they don’t cover the dirt and sand for the festival. If you are looking to wear white and stay pristine, it may not be the best choice.

Rather than flowers for you or anyone in your bridal party, I say get your umbrellas ready and decorate them for the wedding. Not only is this a good idea to keep the sun off of you and your guests, but it is a fun tradition all year in New Orleans and the umbrellas can be kept as keepsakes to use every year.

Hotels book up fast for this multi weekend festival so make sure you book early so your guests have a place to lay their heads. Since your wedding and reception are taking place at one of the biggest (and most fun) festivals in the world, you will have all of your guests covered.

Think about keeping your guest list small and purchasing tickets for everyone coming for the day since you are saving money on a venue for both ceremony and reception. As your welcome bag you can buy some backpack style bags to give out with essentials like sunscreen, bug spray, water bottles with built in fans, even pain reliever or hangover relief. Since your guest are likely already excited over getting to wear shorts and flip flops to your wedding, they will be even more excited when they get a Jazzfest survival bag.

Make sure you are being courteous to the other festival goers and the musicians on stage. It’s a crazy happy day for you and your guests, but most of the attendees are also on vacation or are local music lovers, so try not to block views of the stage or have the ceremony during a musicians set.

Above all remember to stay hydrated, protect yourself from the sun, and have the most beautiful, music filled wedding weekend ever!!

Happy Planning!

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Kim Sayatovic

Creative Director + Bridal Show Coordination/Styling

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