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Step-by-Step Instructions for Throwing a Unique Welcome Party

So, you’re having a destination wedding in New Orleans and you’d like to throw a Welcome Party for all of your guests, BUT most of your guests are arriving the day before the wedding- What do you do???

For destination weddings with a tight timeframe, we recommend you throw a Welcome Party immediately following your Rehearsal Dinner!!

Here are Step-by-Step instructions used by Ask the Locals to plan a Post-Rehearsal Dinner Welcome Party:  

First, you need to strategically choose the location for your rehearsal dinner. We recommend a fine dining restaurant (which isn’t hard to come by in New Orleans – we’ve got some of the best cuisine in the world!) in the heart of the French Quarter that suits your desired vibe, guest count and budget.

Second, once you’ve got the restaurant locked down, you should find a bar nearby to send your friends to who will not be attending the rehearsal dinner – you’ll shortly understand why…

Third, hire a traditional New Orleans Second Line Brass Band to meet you and your guests in front of your rehearsal dinner restaurant. You all will then second line over to the nearby bar where your friends are eagerly awaiting. Upon receiving your guests with the Second Line, as one large group and with the streets reserved in your honor, you will all parade through the French Quarter and into the Marigny (the neighborhood just east of the French Quarter), where you’ll relax and party at your desired “ending point.”

Which leads us to the Fourth step, choose a desired “ending point” in the Marigny. We believe any live music venue on Frenchman Street would be an excellent “ending point”. It’s important to choose a location that not only suits the size of your group, but also one where all of your guests will enjoy the music! We recommend 30-90 Bar, The Maison, or the Blue Nile – for larger groups.

So, let’s recap!

Things to Do:

  1. Book a centrally located Restaurant for Rehearsal Dinner;
  2. Find Bar nearby to send your other guests to;
  3. Book Second Line Brass Band;
  4. Find Bar either in the French Quarter or in the Marigny to be your desired “ending point”; and
  5. Have the time of your life!

Contact Ask the Locals (a local company that specializes in unique events and custom itinerary planning) to help you plan the perfect Welcome Party for your group!! Visit for more information!

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