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Post-Reception Party Bus Bar Crawl!

At last, our third favorite way to execute a Post-Reception Bar Crawl is by Party Bus! If you happened to miss it, we discussed walking bar crawls in our Spring 2017 issue of New Orleans Wedding Magazine (check out our virtual edition) and, just last week, we posted our guide to bar crawling via the St. Charles Streetcar, which you can check out here – totally worth checking out if you missed them!

Now, we’d like to highlight the many perks to bar hopping around the Central Business District (CBD) via Party Bus.

First, and likely the most obvious, you never have to sacrifice fun (or your beverage) when traveling from spot to spot on a party bus. In fact, the party bus will likely take your party vibes to the next level! Second, it’s a much more expedient form of travel. And, third, if some of your guests aren’t in the mood to bar-hop, they can just stay on the bus and continue the fun until your other guests are ready to try out the next spot – it’s a win-win for everyone!

Essentially, the perks to traveling via party bus are quite obvious. But, the reason we chose a party bus as the best means of travel around the CBD, is because all of the bars are scattered at random – unlike Bourbon St., Frenchman St. or St. Charles Avenue not all of the bars can be as obviously spotted as they are not conveniently located along the same street. Therefore, traveling around the CBD via party bus is just easier on your guests.

Here is a list of our favorite bars in the CBD:

  1. The Sazerac
    Address: 130 Roosevelt Way
    Known For: The bar where the famous Sazerac drink was allegedly invented. It’s also known for its old time feel- located in the classic, historic Roosevelt Hotel.
  2. Catahoula Hotel
    Address: 914 Union St.
    Known For: It’s modern, chic, minimalist/industrial design, and its rooftop bar and lounge area.
  3. Barcadia
    Address: 601 Tchoupitoulas St.
    Known For: Its throw-back arcade theme and stellar food and beverage menu.
  4. Swizzle Stick Bar
    Address: 300 Poydras St.
    Known for: Its creative cocktails with Creole flare and live jazz music. Found in the Loews Hotel.
  5. Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant
    Address: 701 Tchoupitoulas St.
    Known for: Its surf-themed drinks and its California meets Mexican eats. It has a side courtyard and turns into a fun late night spot.
  6. The Rusty Nail
    Address: 1100 Constance St.
    Known for: Its frozen lemonade drink, live music, outdoor patio and trivia nights.
  7. Vic’s Kangaroo Cafe
    Address:  636 Tchoupitoulas St.
    Known For: Being an Australian-themed, dive bar with jukebox tunes.
  8. Mannings
    Address: 519 Fulton St.
    Known For: It’s owned by former New Orleans Saint’s quarterback, Archie Manning. It’s a comfy, laid back sports bar with actual leather recliner chairs.
  9. The District
    Address: 711 Tchoupitoulas St.
    Known For: Being a modern sports bar with flat screens on every wall and French Doors that open up to the street.

Stay tuned for our next post, “Step-by-Step Instructions on Throwing a Unique Welcome Party!

And, again, don’t forget to contact Ask the Locals (a local company that specializes in unique events and custom itinerary planning) at so they can help you plan a custom Post-Reception Bar Crawl that will definitely keep you and your guests entertained in the Big Easy!

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