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Makeup Tips: Look Dazzling on Your Wedding Day


“Over the years I have noticed that there are some beauty preparations that many brides do not think about or simple routines they wait too long to begin. While planning your wedding can be one of the busiest seasons of your life, it is important to remember to set aside some “me time” for your beauty routines. It is also very important to know what you can do to have the best outcome with your makeup artist and stylist on the day of your wedding.” ~Ann Marie

  • Start a morning and evening skin routine. Use face wash and moisturizer designed for your skin type. Using a Clarisonic skin cleansing brush once a day with your face wash will create a wonderfully smooth skin surface that’s perfect for makeup application.
  • Get regular hair cuts from a professional stylist. Doing this will ensure that you will have an ideal shape to your style and your ends will stay beautifully curled.
  • Eyebrows are the picture frames of the face. See a professional brow artist for regular eyebrow shaping. If you prefer waxing, have your brows waxed two days prior to the wedding.
  • Schedule a trial run with your stylist and makeup artist. This will set your mind at ease, save time on your wedding day, and allow your look to be fully perfected.
  • Ask your makeup artist for the name of your lip color so that you can purchase your own to have at the wedding for touch ups.
  • Ask your stylist if clip in extensions are a good option for you. Having these added to your style will add thickness and/or length if you are wearing your hair down. Extensions will also add fullness to an up-do.
  • The night before your wedding, shampoo and blow-dry your hair. Do not flat iron or use any other heat tools besides the blow dryer. Doing so can cause your curls not to hold.
  • Wash your face right before you sit down to have your makeup done on the day of your wedding.
  • Remember to wear a robe or shirt that buttons so you won’t bump into your hair and makeup while changing into your dress. (Avoid shirts with stiff collars as these tend to rub against up-dos causing pieces of hair to come loose.)

*Photo: Ardent Studio


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