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Garnish /gär-niSH/

Every aspect of your wedding should be beautiful – including the food. In this editorial we explore decorative garnishes with Pigeon Caterers.

Q: What are the current trends in garnishes and presentation in the catering world? Do you have any favorites?

Pigeon: We have been seeing a lot of very creative garnishes, from smoking dishes to lighting them on fire!

Q: In your opinion, how can this detail (garnishes) impact the overall impression of your event?

Pigeon: Garnishes enhance the dish to make it more appealing and your guests more willing to try them. As humans we eat with our eyes first, so you are more willing to try a salad with the vegetables in different shapes and sizes sporadically (strategically) placed on a plate versus just a bowl of lettuce with veggies plopped on top. The dish itself must be almost too pretty to eat. That, then, makes it that much more appealing.

Q: Why is the presentation of their wedding menu something engaged couples should consider?

Pigeon: Garnishes can help theme up the menu along with the style of the reception. For example, a late-night pass of sliders can be served in checkered boats with paper wrapping for a more casual feel. The same sliders can be presented as an open face crab cake on brioche with melted smoked cheddar and gourmet pickle served on an antique china plate. Same dish, but the details determine the style and the feel it gives.

Q: What is Pigeon’s philosophy and approach to presentation/garnish?

Pigeon: We always ask ourselves, “are you willing to throw your calorie count out the window for this dish?” If the answer is yes, then mission accomplished.


Fresh Burrata, Seasonal Vegetables; The garnish: Freshly Grated Herbs, Pesto Spread


Tuna Stack-Avocado, Cherry Tomato, Red Onion, Micro Greens, Tortilla; The garnish: grated lemon, sriracha, wasabi


Chocolate Martini, Whipped Cream; The garnish: chocolate spiral in glass, flamed marshmallow, pearl skewer


Fresh Berry Tart, Sweet Custard The garnish: salted caramel pearls, Bourbon filled pipette


Bananas Foster Cheesecake, Chantilly Cream; The garnish: spun sugar, cinnamon

Photography: Jessica Burke for N.O.W. | Cuisine: Chef de Cuisine Amy Constanza for Pigeon Caterers | Food Styling: Tessa Durbin, Event Producer for Pigeon Caterers

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Jennifer Vogel was raised in Metairie, LA. Now living in Ohio, she still draws from her New Orleans roots for inspiration in her work. Jennifer freelances in web design / development, graphic design and, now, writing for New Orleans Weddings Magazine.

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