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Just Desserts: Wedding Cake Alternatives

Savory Cheese Wedding Cake, Wedding Cake Alternative
Savory cheese wedding cake, wedding cake alternative
A savory cheese wedding “cake” stack by St. James Cheese Co. | Photo: Dark Roux

Written by: Rena Sweeney, Alchemy Events

Wedding cake is one of everyone’s favorite traditions, the centerpiece of your reception and many older guests will wait to leave until they’ve had a slice…but, it might not be for you.  If you’re not a “cake person”, want something unique or that tells a story, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite alternative wedding dessert options for you that will still satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth.

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NOW How To: Selecting A Wedding Cake

White "naked" cake with gold drip decoration and fresh flowers by Kimbla's Cakes | Photo by : Twisted Eye Photos
White “naked” wedding cake with gold drip decoration and fresh flowers by Kimbla’s Cakes | Photo by : Twisted Eye Photos

Written by: Jean Hailey

A wedding cake is the universally served creative confection for all weddings. (Almost) everyone loves wedding cake. The newlyweds deserve to have a cake that is not only delicious, but one that you both will remember forever. Luckily, the days of tasteless and dry wedding cakes with uninteresting icing are over. Today, cakes provided by artistic bakers and caterers are a literal banquet for both the eyes and lips. Wedding cakes are both visual and culinary extravaganzas. These artistic bakers are creating cakes as edible art. Bakers can fashion cakes that look like gift boxes, ships, musical instruments, city landmarks, square shapes, heart shapes and any other imaginable shape.

Many couples still go with the traditional-looking wedding cake, but inside this wonderful package might be surprises such as; carrot cake with cream cheese, pound cake with lemon filling, chocolate cake with mocha mousse, classic genoise with white chocolate icing, even cheesecake with ice cream. While many wedding cakes are still mainly white, whimsical designs and colorful accents can turn them into a visual and edible work of art. You can have whatever kind of cake you want, after finding the perfect baker to create your dream cake. It is all up to you, the baker, or caterer’s creativity.

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