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New Orleans Post-Reception Bar Crawl via Streetcar!

What better way to continue the night with your family and friends than a Post-Reception Bar Crawl!  

As you may know, there are several ways for you and your guests to maneuver around New Orleans and, as we discussed the most obvious way (walking) in our Spring 2017 issue of New Orleans Wedding Magazine, we will jump right into our second favorite way to bar-hop around New Orleans.

Our second favorite means to bar-hop around New Orleans is via Streetcar. New Orleanians have the long-standing tradition of taking Streetcars to get around, which is a fabulous way to see the city. There are actually three different streetcar lines: St. Charles, Canal Street, and the Riverfront. We will focus on the St. Charles line, which is the oldest continuously operated streetcar line in the world! This 13.2 mile stretch goes from Carrollton Ave., around the Riverbend, and all along St. Charles, finally stopping at Carondelet and Canal St. Not only is this a magical experience where you’ll pass dozens of antebellum mansions, ancient oak trees and historic monuments, you’ll be doing so at the very reasonable fare of only $1.25, which can be paid in exact change when you board.

Check out our favorite bars that can be found just off the St. Charles streetcar line (and what they’re known for), starting in the heart of Uptown heading towards downtown:

  1. Superior Seafood
    1. Address: 4338 St. Charles Ave.
    2. Known For: Its Happy Hour: 50-cent oyster happy hour, 2 for 1 Frozen French 75.
  2. Fat Harry’s
    1. Address: 4330 St. Charles Ave.
    2. Known For: Its late-night bar food. Although this bar has more of an British pub vibe, it’s become more of a college hangout spot due to its proximity to Tulane and Loyola University.
  3. The Columns Hotel
    1. Address: 3811 St. Charles Ave.
    2. Known For: Its historic, classic old New Orleans nature- as it was built in 1883 and its antebellum architecture and interior design is meticulously preserved.
  4. Superior Bar & Grill
    1. Address: 3636 St. Charles Ave.
    2. Known For: Its very delicious, and very strong frozen margaritas!
  5. The Delachaise
    1. Address: 3442 St. Charles Ave.
    2. Known for: Its twinkle-light ambiance, outdoor dining, and fine wines by the glass.
  6. Hot Tin
    1. Address: 2031 St. Charles Ave.
    2. Known As: The only rooftop bar on St. Charles. Hot Tin provides breathtaking views of the Mississippi River and downtown New Orleans.
  7. Avenue Pub
    1. Address: 1732 St. Charles Ave.
    2. Known for: Being open 24/7 and serving over 40 beers on tap.
  8. The Blind Pelican
    1. Address: 1628 St. Charles Ave.
    2. Known For: Its 25-cent oyster happy hour and serving over 34 local and international beers on tap.

Stay tuned for next week’s post – Post-Reception Bar Crawl around the Central Business District (CBD) via Party Bus!

And, don’t forget to contact Ask the Locals (a local company that specializes in unique events and custom itinerary planning) at so they can help you plan a custom Post-Reception Bar Crawl that will definitely keep you and your guests entertained in the Big Easy!

streetcar photo: lazyllama

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