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Catherine + Devin

Photo Credit: Lauren Carroll Photography

Catherine and Devin had something in common when they met, a very strong faith. One of their first encounters would be in a donut shop sharing God’s love, a meeting neither would chalk up to coincidence. As it would turn out, Catherine and Devin were literally to become a “match made in Heaven.” Catherine says, “An instant bond was formed that day, that stayed with us both.”

In October of 2013, two had become friends, but love was in the air. Catherine recalls, “Devin told me, ‘I know what I want, and it is you. I am sold. You just let me know when you are ready for me to pursue you.” Both Catherine and Devin relied on their faith to lead them and it did, to one another.

For Devin’s birthday, Catherine, upon the suggestion of their pastor, planned a surprise party for him.
When he arrived though, Devin’s lack of surprise was apparent. Catherine thought to herself, “Geez, how did he know?” Catherine belted out to Devin, “I got you.” But it was Devin who “got” Catherine. The whole party had been his idea, planned with their pastor, so he could propose in front of all their family and friends. “Catherine Monica, I love you. Will you marry me?” he asked. Through tears of joy, she said “Yes!”

Wedding plans would begin and the happy couple would marry the first day of spring, in the woods behind the Mission Church, on Catherine’s grandfather’s birthday.

“Our vision for our wedding day was for a beautiful, authentic, intimate and nostalgic event,” says Catherine. They achieved this by planning, designing, and including as décor, items close to their hearts. With the help of friends and family, their vision became real.

On their wedding day, Catherine and Devin shared their first kiss on the altar in front of their loved ones. Catherine fondly recalls, “It would be one of the best moments of the day, and something we will never forget.”

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