Full Bar or Wine & Beer Only – How to Decide

One of the many ways to help you save money on your wedding is to serve beer and wine only, rather than having a full bar with liquor. Although this seems a strange thing to do in a city like New Orleans, there are several benefits to ditching the spirits.

It is much cheaper to serve beer and wine. Costs can range from $25 per person up to $100 per person for your bar. The fewer options you have the less expensive it will be. Make sure to check with your venue on any corkage fees. Even if they agree to just beer and wine, they may charge you for the wine corkage and it could potentially end up just as expensive.

Some people cannot handle free liquor and have a tendency to over do it. If you would rather your guests keep it simple, and potentially avoid drunken problems, then ditch the liquor.

If you have a lot of teenagers at your wedding you may want to avoid hard liquor. Although sneaking beer and wine can be just as bad, you definitely don’t want your 15 year old cousin sneaking shots of tequila.

Know your crowd
If you don’t have a wedding list full of heavy drinkers, you are better off spending that money on another aspect of your wedding. The flip side is if you DO have a list of heavy drinkers, you may want to ditch the spirits just so you don’t go broke serving them drinks.

Ultimately the choice on whether to have a full bar versus beer and wine is up to each couple. Budget, number of guests, and drinking habits will always be a determining factor.

Happy Planning!

*Photo Credit: Eau Claire Photographics

Kim Sayatovic

Kim Sayatovic is a local New Orleans girl with a love for all things sparkly and gorgeous. Her background in photography brings a remarkable eye for beauty and what excites the senses. She utilizes this in all of her event designs. Creating stunning tablescapes and memorable parties are what truly get her out of bed in the morning. In addition to her creativity, Kim is one of those rare people that lives for organization. Designing, planning, and making sure every detail is accounted for is always the most important part of her world. Her company, Belladeux Event Design, is a full service wedding and event design firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Beauty and fun go hand in hand and the same goes for our event designs. With New Orleans’ architecture, geography, and bold color use as our inspiration, we make sure every event design has the right mix of aesthetics to create a history making event.

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