Katie Minor

As a born and raised 6th generation New Orleanian, Katie has always been riveted by the culture, cuisine, landscape, architecture, history, and, let’s face it, the non-stop excitement New Orleans has to offer! Prior to starting her company, Ask the Locals, Katie graduated with a Public Relations Degree from LSU and earned a J.D. from Loyola Law School. During this time, she made it her life’s mission to seize any opportunity to travel. She backpacked through Europe, studied in Spain, Vienna, and Brazil, and vacationed throughout the Caribbean. Throughout her travels, Katie met so many friendly locals who helped guide her around their city. It was because of these beautiful experiences that Katie decided to start Ask the Locals, a company that creates unique events and custom itineraries that are specific to the needs and wants of the client. Through her company, Katie is able to share her knowledge and connections with visitors so they can experience her city (New Orleans) through the eyes of a local!